Memoirs of a Mesmer (Guild Wars Fiction)

Back when I was heavy into GuildWars I wrote this as part of another story of another land that wasn’t in the GuildWars games already. With GuildWars 2 coming out next month, I figured it was a good time to relive some it. 

Fourth Cycle of 1073 A.E

                                    —Memoirs of a Mesmer— 

 Besides my sister, my family is not something I’m particularly fond of speaking about…particularly my elder brother and his, well, manner of behavior. But even he cannot be blamed entirely for the events that brought us here to this distant and foreign land, of which by the way I am ever grateful we have been able to become a part of.

    I suppose, even if know how events played out to bring us here, the purpose of these memoirs are for the benefit of those who read them. So it would seem then that the best place to start would be somewhere in the beginning.

    To begin with it’s good for the reader to be aware and keep in mind that Carthan’s are known to have a particularly lengthy life spans, some of the eldest on records living for several years past a millennia. That being said it should not come as a surprise to know that, when I say these events took place long ago, it is in the most literal sense of the word.   So, let it suffice it to say that my sister, Athene, and I are very much older then our appearances would suggest. The reason for a Carthan’s long life will be explained later. So for the moment, stop trying to guess at our age, because I can assure you that your guess will without a doubt come up short.

    For those of you not familiar with the location of Cartha, I have to admit it has been difficult for those I’ve told to comprehend its location, arguing that the facts I present are impossible, while others just believe it to be simply another way of saying it lays at World’s End. Which I suppose, could be one way of looking at it. The truth, I suppose, will have to be enough for now…whether you accept it as such or not. Simply put, Cartha resides in the Heavens.

    Now while I’m sure by this point you have come up with any number of reasons why this could not be, let me assure you, it is.

    Being that I still remember quite vividly what kind of world I came from, I can assure you that it is possible and that…Gods willing, it still resides there. This though is not the appropriate time to be speaking such things, so I will save them for later.

    First I suppose, it is my duty to explain to you how exactly an entire continent no different really then any of the discovered three, came to such a lofty position in our realm of existence.

    According to the history of my people, once Humans began to finally band together into their primitive societies, the God’s noticed that here a difference existed between the rest and the Carthan’s. While other kingdoms that at the time only existed as tribes, struggled to survive in unity, Cartha had already developed into a united civilization rivaling that of modern Cantha. So unique in fact was Cartha that the God’s chose to bless them with an added privilege, to be their chosen earthly realm where they would reside.

    As such they elevated Cartha from the ocean and using their boundless power set it to float among the clouds in the sky.

    Of course now you may be thinking that we as a people, being thus blessed, would think of ourselves to be above the rest of the world, if you’ll pardon the expression. And while in the end it did seem that turned out to be true of some, as a nation we were not educated with that sort of thinking. Those of us who were educated I mean, as for those who were not they did seem to pride themselves more then any mortal has right to. And perhaps it is that attitude which in the end led us to where we are today.

    Again though I’m straying from the point of this story. Aside from that however, most of Cartha resided in relative peace with their respective neighbors. Dreigia lay in the West, acting as the political and social center of Cartha, Traelyn to the East with its Capital laying at the base of Mount Mohraiya, with the earthly City of the Gods. And the nomadic tribes of Baen and Zohr inhabited the Wilderness of the North. And finally, the Freelands to the South, unclaimed territory set apart for the pleasure of the God’s and place of solitude for their most devoted servants.

    Cartha truly was a place of unparalleled beauty, a paradise floating in the sea of clouds for generations. But as always, evil always seems to rear its ugly self and ruin whatever it can.

    There really were no ties between our land and the lands below, though our technology was advanced, we at the time still had no means of lowering ourselves to the continents we sometimes saw far below. Thus, how it was from the time when the greed of man overtook the lands below and the God’s left that realm, to the fall of Traelyn no one really knows. What is known however is that the two periods came within a relatively close time frame.

    The first to fall into the Chaos as we called it was Traeyln, and though actually little is known about what was the initial cause for the fall of Traelyn. Whatever evil the Gods had fled from there in the lower realms, they found something similar or worse it seemed in Traelyn, something bad enough that they would leave Cartha, their chosen land aside from their celestial realm. And so started the fall of Cartha, in an almost literal sense.

    The Darkest of Traelyn started to become mentioned in rumors, though it seemed no one knew of anyone who went in through their dark onyx gates who returned. So where the rumors exactly started no one could really say, though everyone who shared them swore on Dwayna that they were true. The people of the land, now twisted by some evil banding together with creatures from none knew where, gathering into an invasion force ready to sweep across the lands of Cartha and subdue the other kingdoms or reduce them to ruins.

    But that’s still only half the story. And these Memoirs serve not only to keep the story of my home alive, but as well as that of some of the people who lived there. With the way our lives have gone so far, the friend’s we’ve made, as well as the enemies, there’s no telling what tomorrow will bring. So here I sit, writing by until the early morning hours. Hoping that at least a fraction of what happened to my people, will be understood, appreciated and treasured by whatever generations are to come.



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