Recently…on Conversations with Partners.

So this one Partner(starbucks coworker)…we shall call him Ka’je…said that in Movies 101…the Hero never dies. I said that’s not true…there are several movies I knew of where the hero dies. And then proceeded not to be able to remember a single thing. Of course. So I said I’d look it up. And I found more then I thought…several of them I haven’t seen. And if you haven’t seen movies…there are going to be spoilers. So….sorry in advance for ruining your life.

-Children of Men



-Old Yeller

-Pan’s Labyrinth



-Pay it Forward

-almost any Chinese martial arts film….they ALWAYS wind up dying. lol

That being said…I rest my case.



10 thoughts on “Recently…on Conversations with Partners.

  1. Ka’Je here! First off, I’m impressed you actually followed through on your promise, for once :p Secondly, OLD YELLER?! Seriously? I’m glad you can use Wikipedia, great job! But seriously, if you can find any SUPERHEROES that ever die (besides Superman, he comes back later, anyway) I will drink any drink that you make. Even a matcha toffee nut latte with twenty decaf shots 😀

  2. Either, why not? Please keep in mind, they have to be the protagonist of the story. Also, they can never have been resurrected. But yeah, if you find one, the offer still stands!

  3. Jean Grey died during the Xmen The Last Stand in a movie. There could be an argument that Master Li Mu Bai was a superhero since he was a Super Martial Artist. He died as did most of the characters in that movie. But if you are sticking with Superheroes. Rorshach dies in the Watchmen.

  4. Jean Grey comes back as Phoenix, though. I don’t really think Crouching Tiger could be considered a superhero movie, although the characters certainly posses some superhuman qualities. As for Rorschach, I’ll give you that one. I will say, however, that The Watchmen series intentionally goes against the traditional movie stereotypes in almost all respects. My original point was that, in Western movies, the hero never dies. (Rorschach is an anti-hero, by the way, but I’ll still concede to your point.)

  5. In the comics Phoenix resurrects as Jean Grey, (Marvel needs some new writers, perhaps?), and becomes the White Phoenix again…

  6. Yeah, funny thing, if you keep scrolling down on that page, it has the list of every character who was resurrected as well. Interestingly, almost every hero from the DC and Marvel universes have died, and been resurrected at some point. Anyway, I saved us both some time and compiled an incomplete list in which the protagonist dies. Most of these aren’t “heroes”, but, oh well.
    Butterfly Effect, Wicker Man, Saving Private Ryan, The Departed, almost every John Wayne movie, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Sin City, almost every horror movie (though they have their own, separate, rules), Donnie Darko, The Shining, Reservoir Dogs, Alien 3, Scarface, The Matrix Revolutions, Armageddon, V for Vendetta, Man on Fire, Carlito’s Way, American History X, Braveheart, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s nest, and finally The Passion of the Christ.
    There, you win! xD

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