-=The Book of Caedyn=-

Caedyn let out a yell as he plunged his sword to the hilt into the beast before him, nailing it to the fallen and splintered tree. His breathing he hadn’t realized ragged from the adrenaline flooding his body. The rain had stopped at some point not long ago since the sloshed mud around his feet still had puddles everywhere. The grit, sweat, and probably blood that was trickled down his face he wiped away as he turned to look behind him. The small clearing that he had not hours ago shared in peaceful quiet, was hardly recognizable. Fires burned here and there amongst the recently fallen timbers and torn shreds of the tents of their camp. He fell to his knees as his eyes stung with the poison of pain and betrayel. How could he have been so blind? The signs had to have been there from the beginning. Hadn’t they? He had been warned. Hadn’t he? His lip curled as he rose and turned to the dying beast he’d slain and with strength he summoned from the deepest parts of his body, withdrew the sword and sheathed it. This was far from over…


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