A True Story

So…here’s a little bit of an embarrassing moment that happened to me last Friday. And as you know I never do those sort of things. But…that being besides the point. Here is the story.

So I was meeting someone for the first time at a local eatery. My instructions were simple. “I’m sitting at a table by the bar, I’ll be in a dark shirt. I’m the cute guy.”  Ok. Fine. I’ll take that with a smile and shaking of the head. So, you know how shy I am. I go into the place and scan around for the guy. My stomach is going all sorts of crazy cause I’m nervous as all get out. I see at the far back a guy in a black shirt and he’s sitting alone, so it’s gotta be him. Right? right… I mean…I’ve seen this guy’s picture so I know sometimes real life looks different. But whatever.  So I walk up…and say hello…

“hey whats up.”

To which he goes…literally….


So I glance up with my eyes real quick and see, sitting at a table directly behind him. Is the guy I was looking for. Smiling and shaking his head. Great job, Aaron. Another one for the records…


^ the look on my face as I walk away from the other guy^


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