-=The Book of Caedyn=-

Turning around, his grip on the hilt of the sheathed sword tightened as he walked through what had been the camp they had made the day before. He had to try and pick up what was left.
There wasn’t much. A pack of supplies that might last him for a few more days if he really stretched it, but not nearly enough for the rest of the way to Sundil. He found his bow half covered by the shredded remains of the tent and bedding.
His eyes started to sting as he dug through the rest of the camp, collecting this and that. Hoping some of this would prove useful somehow to the rest of journey. Angrily he wiped at the tears that started forming at the edges of his vision and with a deep sigh he stood.
Adjusting the pack on his shoulders, he was about to place his bow and secure it behind him as well when the crash through the brush on the edge of the clearing had him swing it to bare on the source of the noise.
“Woah woah! You have the wrong man.” shouted the stranger that emerged into sight.
Caedyn had nearly released the summoned arrow into the man’s head. Still, his hands remained poised with the firey arrow at the ready.
“Who are you?” he said through clenched teeth. The beat of his heart had already started to pound his skull.
“I mean you no harm, and came to see where the smoke was coming from…”
The man slowly spread his arms out to the side, neither hand held a weapon, at least, none that Caedyn saw with either his eyes or mind.
He lowered the bow.


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