Conversations with Partners

So, me and and two other partners were sitting at a local pizza place on their lunch and we started talking about the dating process and how different it can be for people. How they “pre-game/plan” out a date. Especially when it’s the first date. How much effort do you put into your evening with a special someone? 

  • Movie? Some say a movie is not a great place for a first time date since it is kind of impersonal. You sit and stare at a screen for a couple of hours in a large dark room with other people. However, for me it’s proven to be an interesting way to break the ice. Now don’t take what I say to be what I’m suggesting at all. Just from personal experience. Since movies are one of my big joys in life, I do like to share them with other people. That being said, it’s an easy way for me to see what kind of movies the other person enjoys. And once we’ve selected a movie(for first times I usually go with something that might make us laugh)…I get to see what they find funny and what they don’t. How they react to these things show me a lot about them. Doesn’t mean I sit there and stare at them the whole movie however.

    “You liked that? huh? Did you? Laugh again. heh heh heh…”

  • Dinner? Ahhh yes. Dates always seem to circle around food and or drinks for some reason. It’s a great way to hold a conversation with someone, and yet have an excuse not to say anything cause you’re stuffing your face. As a friend of mine stated, something low key is usually the best. Because then you don’t have too much distraction going on…yet, nothing too serious either. You don’t want to make it seem like you’re hosting a business meeting either. Oh and make sure you both like the place…nothing is worse then sitting staring at the menu forever cause you don’t know what steak hache or croque-monsieur are.

  • Hanging out at the Mall? For some this is a nice way to walk around, hang out, and still get your shopping done. You get to see what the other person is into. From clothes, to stuff, to electronics, to things you would never buy but would do it just cause you can. This however…could backfire…

 “You shop where…..?”


So now it’s your turn. How do you feel about the above mention locations? How much do you plan out your outings whether they are the first times or the one hundredth and fifth time. Any other crazy places you’ve gone on a date?



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