:-: Customer Voice :-:

Oh course, the first week I make this blog absolutely nothing super crazy happens with our customers. So this story comes from about a month ago, and it actually involves customer on customer action…well…sort of…

Ok. So there’s this one older gentleman who comes in at least once every other day, gets stuff for him and his wife and leaves.  He can be borderline one of those grumpy old men, but he’s cool with you if you are cool with him. Anyway…so one particular day on drive-thru(I swear not ALL stories are gonna be DT related, but…), this one “Lovely” lady comes through like SpeedRacer around our parking  lot and up to the box. I use the word “Lovely” loosely and with bunny ears because she really, in fact, isn’t. She barks her order, as she normally does when she comes through DT and then, before I can read it back, drives off…leaving me there like….


She pulls around, I kinda wish she hadn’t ordered Decaf on her drink so I could give it to her anyway, but that’s another story. She gets her drink, and leaves…not bothering really to even acknowledge my existence since I’m way obviously beneath her. The next guy pulls up after her, we shall call him Don.

He stays looking at that car for a minute then turns to me…

“Do you know that B*tch?”

Mind you. This guy is like…in his late 60’s probably 70’s? I did not expect that from him. AT. ALL.

“Well, yes. Kinda. She comes through now and then…she’s not exactly the friendliest person on earth. But it’s whatever.”

He nods. “I slowed down for a second as I was pulling cause I was deciding whether I was gonna park or come through and she speed around me and cut me off.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry. Had I known she was like that, I would got out of my car when she got to the window and told her she could go f*** herself.”


The End. haha



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