Just one of those things…

So, me and one of the partners, we shall call her Nashaw. Were talking about how many times a day people call a Frappuccino a Frappe.  Now…thank you to a certain company…who shall remain mostly nameless. I can understand to a certain extent the confusion. I mean, obviously…they are so similar. -.-


No but seriously…a Frappe…is NOT a Frappuccino. A frappe is as follows: The coffee can be made either with a cocktail shaker or an appropriate mixer (e.g. a hand mixer). One or two teaspoons of coffee, sugar (to taste) and a little water are blended to form a foam, which is poured into a tall glass. To this is added cold water and ice cubes, and, optionally, milk – typically evaporated milk. The glass is served with a drinking straw and looks something like this….

A frappuccino on the other hand: Frappuccino is a trademarked line of blended coffee beverages sold by Starbucks. It consists of coffee blended with ice and various other ingredients, usually topped with whipped cream. Frappuccinos are also sold as bottled coffee beverages in stores and from vending machines.

The original Frappuccino beverage was developed, named, trademarked and sold by George Howell‘s Eastern Massachusetts coffee shop chain, The Coffee Connection. When Starbucks purchased The Coffee Connection in 1994, they also gained the rights to use, make, market, and sell the Frappuccino beverage,[2] and soon after began to sell the beverage chain-wide.

In response to the success of Frappuccinos, several Starbucks’ competitors have developed similar drinks with similar sounding names, but only Starbucks can legally use the “Frappuccino” trademark. Similar frozen coffee drinks were served starting in 1988 by the Seattle chain Cinnabon under the names Mochalatta and Caramelatta.[citation needed] Coffee Break is one.[3] Gloria Jean’s offers a similar frozen coffee drink but calls them Chillers.

Yes. I copied most of that from Wiki. And I’m not trying to be a snob about it(I am), but I swear…if one more person calls it McFrap…or Frap…or Frappe…which they are NOT…and then ARGUES with me when I say Frappuccino(which I’m supposed to call it actually a etc etc Frappaccino Blended Coffee/Creme)…then I’m seriously going to lose it and I’m not gonna be responsible for my actions…

Ok…rant over. 🙂

 Bye. 😀


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