You know that moment…

It was tough to put this in a category cause for some reason I get the feeling that this doesn’t happen often to most people…but you know when you’re out at a very public place(usually a mall, or theater) with friends(or solo) and you run across a customer from work. You see each other, you nod, then you go into social mode the same time as they do. You know? The whole…

“Heeeeeeeey! What are YOU doing here? Shouldn’t you be working?”


You’re right. I should STILL be at work. I mean obviously, my life is nothing if I wasn’t sitting at work waiting for you to drive up so I could serve you and then send you on your way…sitting there and waiting until you bless me with your presence again.

“Oh you know, I do get out once and again. Just for funzez…you know…to mingle with the rest of you humans.”

And then so it doesn’t turn awkward…you go into the next socially accepted phase of the conversation.

“So how’ve you been?”

Here is where you either win or lose at conversation roulette. They will either give you some vague standard answer and move on with their lives very quickly….OR….they will go into a breakdown of their life.  The fun part comes when you start hearing things about their lives that will change your view of them forever…

“You did WHAT in South Padre??!?”


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