Just sayin..

Hmmm…there was a few things I was going to talk about today after I got off work and then I fell asleep. 😀 It takes a lot of energy to come up with sass and after expending it on the general public for most of the day, I needed to recharge before I started up again.  So here we go…

So at our particular store I’ve noticed a disturbing trend lately. I and say I noticed, when it’s been going on for a while. Now…you my or may not know but a few decades ago(1950’s if you believe it or not), some decided….shorts…are not short enough. And BAM…short shorts were everywhere. Now…let me state that I have nothing against those who wear short shorts…some people are freaking hot in these little creations. For example…


Very much yes! Probably one of my favorites!

 Hell yes!  

 Unnf Yes! 

 Oh geezuz…


Mind you…I these people by all means deserve to wear these tight little pieces of nothing. AND…maybe you do to!


Not everyone should partake in them either. In my honestly unbiased opinion…if you are over the age of…70. You probably….should not be wearing them. At least, NOT IN A PUBLIC PLACE OF THE CONSUMPTION OF ANY FOOD OR DRINK ESTABLISHMENT. I’m sorry….but if you are the creepiest of the creepy lanky-ass creeper with the creeper moustache and skinny  as twig legs…..

(Warning…the next images may be too much for some viewers)


 No…no no no..no 

….lord no…


I know…I know…you’re probably hating me right now. But I just thought it was a topic that should be addressed. Please….PLEASE….keep those short shorts at home mr.creeper. k, thanks.

NOW…to wipe those images from your mind just scroll back up and enjoy. 😉



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