What a twisted turn of events…

As I’m sure you guess there was a particular reason I posted that lost picture of the “lets be friends” thing. And now…I have to state that…I don’t know what the heck is going on anymore. This has been such a crazy evening. Where I was certain in my head that I was going to feel one way…my heart said another. Where my heart said one thing, my head said another. Back and forth it went and even now I’m not exactly sure what it is I’m doing. I just know that I have to try.
I know I know…

But it can’t be helped. Those of you who know me, know that I definitely give a sh*t, especially for those who hold special place in my heart strings. The situation I find myself in is a complicated one, a mess if you will. But I’m pretty sure there’s not a part of life that isn’t filled with complications, messes or some sort of bad timing. The key to it all is really perspective, the same as can be said for anything in life I guess. If you have the right perspective on any situation, you can overcome anything with time and persistence. I can’t say for certain that that persistence will pay off in the end. But at the very least, you can rest a little easier knowing you gave it your all. You tried all the way to the end, give it a 100%, and the rest is in the hands of the Gods(just a phrase). That’s what my goal is. To be able to do everything in my power for every situation…and then see how things play out. I don’t want to be laying in bed, days, weeks, months or years from now thinking. What would have happened, had I just tried a little harder, pushed just a little more. Yeah…it might backfire I guess. But then hey, how will you know unless you tried. Right?

Oh ok. But just cause you asked nicely. 🙂


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