:-: Customer Voice :-:

Another beautiful sunrise and early morning in the coffee shop. Things are going just swimmingly as the old man approaches the counter, you know…one of the starving mass of coffee zombie old peeps I serve in the morning that blend into the masses and disappear never to be seen till their energies run low…again. ANYWAY….so there he is…ordering his latte…and he says the word “pumps.”

Now….I don’t know if you say Pumps like…pumpssssssssssssssss. But he did. And the sun light was coming in at just the right angle…
….at least that was my reaction in my head.  SPITTLE! EVERYWHERE…..BGDLKFJS:ODIFHLSKDHFQLIU@GRASDFH.,….

Can you not keep your spit in your mouth when you speak. I mean…I’m sure my reaction wasn’t as bad as the one above…:)…it was probably more like…

However, it was very terrifying on the inside. Mostly cause then I started to realize that, the only reason I noticed this particular particle wave was because the sunlight was glinting off the THOUSANDS of little spittle mist things that were floating around. Which then made me think about the HUNDREDS of people we serve every day and how many times in fact those little clouds ACTUALLY float across and land….everywhere.
 Yeahhh…you tell em gurl. :-p


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