:-: Customer Voice :-:

No seriously…it’s about..8am….at a coffee shop. What’s probably the ONE thing you should expect out of ANY place that serves coffee/breakfast…AT breakfast time? Hmmm? Anyone? Anyone at all? Yes…you you in the back.

“You guys are busy.”

  I’m sorry…what?

We’re busy? in the morning? You don’t say. Now to be fair…sure…sometimes…we are BUSIER then usual. Sure. I’ll give you that one. Sometimes the lines of cars in drive-thru go around the building…sure…especially soon once school starts up again. But…ummm…to just say….”Wow, you are guys are busy in the morning.” Then yes….Yes indeed we are my humble citizen.

And I’ve now got a line to the door while you figured out you were going to pay, and decided today was gonna be a good day to pay…in change….


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