Questions from Peeps…

YAY. Finally…someone asked me my first question. 🙂

Why is it when you go on a first date, and you know it’s not going to work out, do a lot still keep it going?”


Let me see, how do can I best put this?

Yeah. That’s the best way I can put it. I think it boils down to the matter of them probably not wanting to hurt the other person’s feelings. The only problem is that’s a “catch 22” I think the term is. Because one way or another someone is going to get hurt. More often then not the other person. But I think it’s better to get that stuff out in the open from the beginning. Easier it is for the cut to heal if you don’t wait so long. Because once feelings start getting attached…then it’s really gonna hurt like hell. I say this from personal experience. Believe me.

Recently I deceived myself in a number of ways…which I’ll make a separate article about…but suffice it to say. It’s very much for the best to end it sooner rather then later.

Maybe the guy smells, his laugh is annoying, he’s dumb as a rock (See lifter), or maybe there is just no chemistry. Anyway, if you SERIOUSLY know beyond ANY doubt that no further dates are needed to know you two just aren’t going to work out. Maybe you should consider the any number of ways you could go about ending it there. See if he just wants to be friends, hopefuly since it’s the first meeting feelings haven’t started JUST yet. Maybe not. Just be honest. Sometimes, a lot of the time I should say. The truth hurts. And you may end up losing all contact with that person. But then…maybe it’s for the best. If for some reason the Fates bring you together again then so be it. But I’m really in no position to be offering advice cause this is the one area in which I fail at sometimes. And about 1000% of the time it’s cause I don’t want to hurt the other person’s feelings. I would rather that things just run their course and hope they catch on quickly. Which is dumb. But it’s what I do.

I think I’ll start taking my own advice though. I know I appreciate it when people are upfront about things (even when it means that it’s seriously going to end things), but it’s better to find out early that he’s a whore, then later when you catch him with his pants down in laundry room with the next door neighbor that he met on Grinder. Ooops….was that too close to home?


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