Questions from other Peeps…

I started asking some of my friend’s from Facebook what are some questions, so here I go…in order that I received them…

If you could could remove any one person from existence with the snap of your fingers, would you do it? (The person would not die. It would just be as if they were never born) If so, it has to be someone who is alive right now. Nobody historically significant (like Hitler.. That’s a cop out). Now, would you do it if you had to stand behind the person and put a bullet in them. (knowing that this would not actually kill the person and there would be no legal repercussions. It would just alter reality, removing them from existence.)”

First of all….WHAT THE CRAP kind of questions is this?

That’s kinda  a trick question and I appreciate how much effort you put into trying to come up with an original question. There’s many answers I could think of. Some would say Justin Beiber. Others would say Katy Perry. While others would choose Enemies of State(they seem to change and multiply all the time so I never bother to keep track). I honestly can say, that while I have many people I may not wish the BEST in life…I wouldn’t wish them harm either. I give Decaf to those sorry suckers in life and wish them well with a smile and a “Have a GREAT day.”


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