So yesterday…for those of you who didn’t know…

Yesterday while hanging out with some friends, I made the mistake of letting one of them use my computer to catch up on the questions he’d asked on the blog as well as do some .gif searching since, as you know, I have a thing for them. Anyway…as I was in deep conversation with the others at the table, I didn’t notice right away that he started typing something furiously. And once I did…it was almost too late….”DUDE!”

 He smiled…

Crapnuggets. I forgot that since no one ever uses my computer my Facebook will automatically log me in, and he totally had his way with my status’. Dirty lil sharpie sniffer. *sigh* Needless to say…the next few minutes I get swarms of messages and notifications asking if it’s true if I’ve now gone 100% straight and like boobies among other anatomical members of the female body.

Oh well. Sorry girls. The time is not yet. And I’m pretty sure that if I HAD indeed slept with a woman, you would be able to find that article on the front of the S.A Express…or maybe National Enquirer.


2 thoughts on “So yesterday…for those of you who didn’t know…

  1. I think the best part of inflicting this, besides that some people actually bought it, was that others were more concerned with ‘your’ spelling. Anyway, you’re welcome 😀

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