Ok. So I was trying to keep things humourous…you know, funny. And maybe a little on the sass side. But I figure there’s no perfect time for sass then when you get a little…grrrr…about something. And while this, per-say, didn’t happen TODAY…it has happened before and I figured now would be a good time to write about it since I just got home from work and my sassy pants are still all up tight and what not…

Customer enters…then says…”I’m gonna have (enter randomized drink no one has heard of).”

Barista “I’m sorry ma’am. We don’t know how to make that. Not even sure what it is.”

Customer, WITH a SCOWL, “Ugh…well they know it at my usual store.”

You’re…USUAL store. Mmmhmmm. Then as the conversation progresses, you come to find that the drink is actually barista created by one of the partners at THEIR store. OH. Really. So…we’re all supposed to just send memo’s back and forth from store to store…sharing our personalized drinks with their silly-ass code names. Zebras. Penguins. Capt Crunch. John Waynes. Grasshoppers. Tuxedos. Undertows. These drinks DON’T EXIST in our drink menus. Sure SOME…and I said  SOME Barista’s will know the drinks by their archaic names. However…we are not trained with the infinite knowledge you may suppose we do. So if you are going to order one of those things, make sure you know what goes IN it/how it’s made. Because you go to a random store and expect them to be on the same page as you. No. It won’t happen.  And if you don’t know how it’s made, don’t get mad that barista on the otherside doesn’t know either. 🙂 Mmmkay? Cool. P.S….I just gave you decaf in that b*tch of a drink you just order with that “this guy is an idiot” face you were making at me the whole time I was making it. 😀 Have a GREAT day.


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