Oh people…

Let me tell you one thing I love more then anything…when you come up to Drive-Thru on your phone and you tell me to wait so you can finish the conversation you were having while on the phone.

No for real. Thank you. I mean. Obviously I didn’t want to talk to you anyway…so this just made it easier. Don’t mind the other people who are behind you in life either…it’s all gravy. And when you finally give me your order, and you pull away with an “ANYway..blah blah blah” that’s cool too. I don’t mind.

Then up to the window you go, don’t be bother to actually have your payment ready either. I mean, obviously you’ll get to your purse in the backseat AFTER you realize that oh yeah I was talking to you. It’s cool. I don’t mind that either. Or the scowl when I may or may not be talking seven decibels louder then needed to tell your change and ask you for napkins. Naw…that surely was an accident. Seriously. I can almost definitely promise that I may or may not have been trying to be slightly more obnoxious then usual to get your attention that you were very much NOT giving to me. After all. I am supplying you with your drink that you just needed so badly, I know that cause that’s what you told the other person on the otherline. Have a GREAT day. 😀

ok…maybe a little. 🙂


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