Opposed to change?

Ok. So as though of you who actually go to my store know, we had a remodel here about a few months ago now back in June. It wasn’t a very big remodel just some cosmetic changes to wall color and furniture. However, in the change, they did switch up our seating arrangement so that at one window wall area we now have a bar where there used to be two chairs. In hindsight I’ll take a picture of the area and update this post with it so you’ll have an idea of what I’m talking about. Anyway. In this particular corner where the bar is there used to be two larger comfy chairs. Now I’m sure you know this already, but regulars at any place of business are usually creatures of habit(obviously), and they sometimes don’t take change well. ….and by well I mean at all. 

One particular fellow, we’ll call him Joe(it’s seriously not his name), comes in usually every morning to every other morning I guess just depending on how he’s feeling. He gets his drink, about 6am-ish…brings his own paper, and sits there in one of those corner chairs, reads, then leaves about an hour or two later. He’s been doing that, since I started with the company 5 years ago, and was probably doing that back when Mark Anthony started a little thing called love with Cleopatra. But I digress.

Anyway, so now that his seat was taking…instead of going and finding a new seat…or sitting in the OTHER two large COMFIER chairs on the opposite wall. He has complained. EVERY. single. DAY. That we made a stupid mistake in getting rid of the chairs. Now, I know we Baristas, being the sole creators of the Universe that you mortals live in, have IMMENSE power (we do give you your drinks, and also find lost keys, decide what pastries we will get you addicted to and then take them away, we also sell the last of items when we know you are coming specifically for it also, oh and did I mention we were involved in the construction of our store, and the design and layout the parking lot and such? Dust bunnies, that’s us too by the way. just fyi), but we actually didn’t have any say in what furniture stayed and which was taken away by the Remodel Elves that came in the night that fateful night.

Joe, seriously, every day. Telling us how corporate just doesn’t care and doesn’t take into consideration how other people feel about where things are put, isn’t going to bring your seat back. Telling every other customer in ear shot how you think it’s a waste of space and how (laugh) you need to bring your own chair to sit there. Don’t laugh about it. Do it. I would LOVE to see you bring a lawnchair into the cafe and sit there reading your paper. There are still seats there…just not “your” seat. Ok. I’m sorry for your loss. Honestly. I’m mostly almost sincerely sorry for the dramatic change that has forced you to find a different seat. almost.

Then a few days ago, when you slid one of the other large comfy chairs from the OTHER SIDE OF THE STORE, all the way to your corner, I realized how serious this was for you. You risked life and limb to make sure that you could still sit in your corner. I’m sorry I started laughing and pretended that one of the other barista’s said something funny.
 mostly sorry

No but seriously. It made me think about how forceful our habits become and how sometimes, we REALLY really really really don’t like change. At all. I was telling my folks about this at dinner and my mother brought out that she don’t like change either. She likes parking in the same general area at work all the time. And has the option of parking in a covered garage the company just built for them, but she doesn’t. Shade. Covering from the elements(cause you know how crazy it gets in Texas <—sarcasm). And she doesn’t take advantage of it. Why? Cause it’s different. Foreign. What if she loses time walking into work?
“What if…” she trailed off with a shrug.

What if what?
 <—look on my face when I realized she was one of THEM.

Oh well. I’m probably overreacting (pffff), maybe being over-critical(hahahahahha), or insensitive to the feelings of others(-_-). But I doubt it. I just don’t understand cause I usually have no problem with change. I can’t think of a situation where something of a usual habit or action of mine was changed and I went all monkey ape about it. So I can’t really say I understand. Apparently. Change is a horrible horrible thing in a lot of people’s life. The scary under the bed sort of beast.

Meanwhile in Aaronland…


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