Things I would like to address so far today:
1.) Dude…because I was making conversation with you means I want in your pants. FALSE!

Ok…mostly not true. But THIS time it wasn’t true. I’m just trying to be friendly. Getting you intoxicated and stuff will come later.

2.) When you tell me your order. And I start to repeat it back to you….BITCH….DON’T DRIVE AWAY ON ME!!
 DECAF! Have a GREAT day.


3.) To my coworkers, I love you. But I swear Ka’je, you untie my apron ONE more time…
 I’m going to do something to you…


4.) To the regular who brought in her Nephew from Germany…


5.)We unlock the doors sometimes ten mins early in the mornings because we are nice. But when you come inside and say…”Boy I feel special, being the first customer you let in.” Don’t. We were actually hoping for at LEAST…30 more mins of no customers as is usual. So we really don’t like you that much. And to the lady who at the window for 5 mins when you saw us walking INTO the store before we were open…I’m wondering what you were expecting, exactly? Just further’s the point…



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