Questions from other Peeps..

Recently I was asked…”Describe who you are in 5 sentences.”

And while at first I was gonna do a bullet style list to answer the question…I wasn’t really sure how I was just gonna say 5 sentences and make it work. If you know me well enough you know I have a hard time keeping writing and conversations sometimes to a short and concise form. So here I am….writing a little article for each sentence. I think that’ll work. Maybe. Maybe not.  I think that will be a little ridiculous on second thought if I just write an post for each sentence. Ugh. See…this is what I’m talking about. When I write I like to write off the cuff because I feel like that will be the more natural. Cause this is how I talk.

  • I am complicated enough to be simple and simple enough to be complicated.
  • I am friendly and will trust you completely until you frak it up and give me a reason not, or are proven guilty.
  • There’s almost nothing I love more then music and dancing/having a good time with music.
  • I am loyal and will do everything I can to help those who are close to me.
  • I’m super outgoing and shy, almost always at the same time.

Look! I did it. There was like a million things about me that I left out. But I feel like those are some of key character points that make up your average Aaron.  Everything else you figure out with time and patience and spending time with me. You know? Otherwise…I kinda like how one of my friend’s on Facebook said it when I was bouncing off ideas.

I. Am. Aaron. Soltero. B*tches.


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