:-: Customer Voice :-: Another case of TMI…

“Welcome to Starbucks…etc etc…”

Older looking lady with huge shades “Mmmm…yeah I want a half calf caramel Frappe….I think…”

“Ok, What size?”

“I’m not sure…I just got out of ‘Heart’ Surgery, so I’m having a hard time figuring out what I want…”

Me and my coworker are now horrified because…she is like 900 years old now and fresh from surgery? ….and she’s getting coffee? what the french toast man!

She pulls around, and comes to the window…I give her drink…and I can’t help myself….

“So you just got out of  heart surgery you said?”

She turns to me in wonder, “I did! How did you know I didn’t say anything about surgery.”

“Ummmm..yeah back at the box you said you’d just got out of…”

She’s looking at me like I read her mind. NO lady…I ain’t no Miss Cleo today.

“Oh oh, yes…I just got out of EYE surgery. My eye hemorrhaged while I was in the hospital recovering from a Flesh Eating Bacteria that nearly killed me.” she smiles a little…

I’m sure I looked something like this on the outside….

But really on the inside I was more thinking….

Yeahhhh….sometimes. People can offer too much information. LADY GO HOME ALREADY! You almost died! And there’s no need to endanger the lives of our humble townsfolk by you turning into a zombie and crashing and spreading your crazy. ….just saying.


2 thoughts on “:-: Customer Voice :-: Another case of TMI…

  1. Gotta love the customers. Like the one who told me that she has a crush on the “Giant, old man who has been here forever.” I think she meant you. Either you, or Tex. You guys graduated together, right?

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