B*tches gonna b*tch. A Customer Voice Tale.

Mmmmmkay. So my crazy weekend is about to start and I would just like to get a few things off my chest from the last few days…

Betches on phones.

Seriously guys? I don’t know if I’ve talked about this before, and I have, well shoot…whatever, here it is again. Do NOT…and I mean N to the O to the T….come through in your fancypants  attitude, pull up to the box, and CONTINUE to chat on your phone about “how we need to do lunch and Roger and I were talkin’ the other day that we all need ta’ get togethar or maybe go out for some drinks while the kids are at practice yada yada yada blahrgi blarghi blah.”…..-.-…..and then when I do my intro. WHICH…I have to say alot and practice everyday to make sure I sound happy and friendly and crap(ok thats a lie but whatever)….then you tell ME. MEEE!!! To “Can you hold on a minute.”….while you finish your conversation…
 Hold Up. Seriously?

Then you spit your order out and DRIVE AWAY while I’m repeating it back. Oh you wanted Decaf ok. I get it. Cool. Pull around to the window, Princess.

Come to the window…your STILL on your phone and yeah I talked louder then I should have. Suck it. I did it. Not the sucking part…well not today…ANYWAY…I digress. Then you don’t look at me…while handing me a $100. Oh hells to the no! And this brings us to our second part.

Betches with Hundreds. 

I know this town is kinda affluent. Sure. I understand you got a big ol’ gas suckin Truck or SUV for you and your lonesome self to cruise around town. I see your bedazzled outfits layered in cowhide or other random “western” looking animal skin…not to mention your 20 lbs of Turquoise  that is hanging from your neck, ears, and 54,039 different bangles on your wrist.

I’m pretty sure though, we go to the same bank. Cause there’s like…4…5?….maybe 6 in town. Ok so maybe there’s a lot of banks. Whatever. But seriously. You mean to tell me you ONLY left the house with a hundred dollar bill…and that’s it? So the rest of the bills I saw in your wallet, YEAH I WAS LOOKIN, Are what..play money? Tissue to wipe your nose?  And the whole…”I thought this was Starbucks, multi-billion dollar company and you can’t change out a 100.”


NO. For that reason right there. No 100s. We don’t carry the entire net profits of the store in our tills. This. IS. STARBUCKS. Not your bank. So thinking of ordering your medium coffee at $2.11 and wanting 97.whatever in change…yeah. IF I do know I have enough bills to cover your lame-butt way of breaking your bill you could have done when you first got it, you can bet every cent of that change…will be in small bills. Why? Cause I too am Betch like that.

Have a GREAT day….*smile*


3 thoughts on “B*tches gonna b*tch. A Customer Voice Tale.

  1. LOL You have made quite the point. I hate when people are on the phone like that too. Or when I am in the checkout and the person in front of me is on the phone so they don’t unload their cart and all that jazz….freaking A


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