The Adventure Continues…Saturday. One smile and Sermon later…

Saturday started with me waking up…

Of course, by this point I had still yet to see the other guy, Bolt, who would be part of the trio we were forming to go to this little venture…and he walks in the door from outside as I’m getting ready…who should I see?

No. Not seriously. He did have a hat though. And he was cute. All the right kind of boyish tatts on his arms that as a whole present a very cute boy next door look. Ugh. It was gonna be tough weekend. I was gonna have to be just one of the boys while trying not to think about this one too much. Just to skip ahead for the weekend. He turned out to be a cool dude, and nothing crazy happened.  Now…back to the events….

We arrive, check into our hotel, then make our way out to the beach resort/theme park that the concert is going to be taking place at. Bolt had decided to stay in a tent at the camp ground directly across the street. And while the convenience of staying so close sounded good, community showers and staying…well, in a tent…on the beach…with humidity and heat and sand yeah….I’ll save that for when I have no choice. Me and Logan like our private showers and comfy beds. But we are supportive friends so we go and help him set up his tent. And by set up I mean of course, we set it up, since he, being in the military has never set up a tent before?! Really? Oh well, whatever, so me and Logan “help” set up the tent. Get it finished, and prep for the night’s events. I’m excited. If nervous. I’ve heard all sorts of stories about these things. The booze, the music, the drugs, the wild orgies. It all sounds like a few episodes from True Blood I saw not that long ago.

Well, we go. It’s getting awesome. The music is loud, the crowd is lively enough. Only thing missing is someone to dance with. Obviously my friends will not dance WITH me. So I’m kinda just scanning the crowd you know? Looking to make eye contact with someone… And I do. He looks back, doesn’t look away. I smile. He smiles. I fidget and look down nervously while smiling, the body language for “i’m shy.” So he walks over. F! Really? Nice…

no….not nice….

He comes up within my personal bubble and looks up at my eyes…”Are you rolling?”


“Ummm…no.” My brows furrow in confusion and realization that this wasn’t what I was thinking at all was going to happen.

“Do you want to be?” he asks. His face is impassive, as if he’s asking me if I knew what time it was.

I shake my head and smile, trying to be friendly. “Naw it’s cool, thanks though. I don’t do that stuff.”

He looks at me incredulously, like I said I was actually a space alien. “What? Why not? Dude, you’re STUUUUPid. God created this stuff, so we could live life and enjoy and give him praise. Why not give him honor and praise?”

I’m sorry…WHAT?

I’m not gonna lie, I’ve heard a number of things before in the defense of doing drugs. But that’s a new one for me. Do drugs…because God wants us to. Oh ok. No. I’m not going to do them.

“No thanks. Really. I appreciate it though.” I said, thinking that would be the end of it. No. It wasn’t. He then takes another step towards me, as if that was even possible. Puts his hand on my shoulder. Then keeps talking. At least, he had gum, probably Orbitz since it was minty clean.

“Are you happy with your life? Are you satisfied with the things you have going on…” he starts then on a ramble about about how because I said no. I must not be happy. Cause I am not enjoying life to the full and living it on the edge and stuff. I’m just listening with that look on my face like…ahuh…yeah….sure…uh-huh…go on…
He asks me what I do for a living.

I’m thinking…I probably shouldn’t say anything…but I live like…5-6 hours away…what could he possibly have to say about it. So I told him.

“Dude, then what makes you any different from me? I come to you…and you give me what I crave. You fulfill my desires. But you also do what I tell you. If I ask you for a double caramel vanilla drink. What will you do?”

My mind races as I try to figure out…WHAT THE CRAP IS HE GOING ON ABOUT?!

“Ummm…I make it.”

“Exactly. Cause you’re submissive and I’m the dominate one. I tell you what to do and you do it for me, because that’s how you are in life. You let everyone tell you what to do and you please everyone. You give us what we crave. Power and control.”

At this point I know I was thinking, if you are trying to ask me to have sex with you, this is the weirdest way of going about it I’ve ever heard. But he wasn’t. He was just “rolling” himself and he went on. FOREVER. Logan and Bolt noticed I was being…engaged and they gave me the look to see if I was ok. I was. I didn’t want to get this guy angry cause who knows how he was going to react. And I was kind of curious as to what the heck was going to happen next. So the conversation went on. I found out a lot.

That the government is basically my pimp telling me what to do with my life and I’m working to pay off their debts. And why should I want to do that…this tying in somehow to me being submissive I guess…and that I shouldn’t have to pay for their mistakes etc etc. He also told me I had never had to suffer ever, asked if my parents were still together, that he had been places and done things I didn’t even want to know about and that there were months where everyday he didn’t know where his next meal would come from. From there the conversation took a turn and he said I was going to do great things and make it very far cause I was making good choices in life. And how if and when I made it to the top I needed to pull him up there with me. ……right.

The best part was every time I looked at him he would get closer and closer. Eventually he had an arm around my shoulder, another around my waist and he was close enough that from every word he spoke I could feel warm spray now and then landing on my cheek.

Eventually the conversation came to a close. About 10-15 mins later…

“Now that I’ve given you this message that was passed on to me, it’s time for you to take it and give it to others. Pass on the knowledge I have given you. It’s what God would want you to do. Brings this torch to others. My job here is done. And I have to go on now.”

And he left. Never saw him again. I felt like saying to him…don’t worry. I’ll tell them what you said. Everyone will know. hahahahaha.

After that I just kinda looked around at the crowd around me like,
 and why are they so crazy.

The rest of the weekend went great without any further incidents. We danced and rocked out to Armin Van Buuren and Kaskade who was amazing. I’ll definitely be going to another show the next time I can. Just…won’t be making eye contact with anyone. And I’ll bring my own dance partner.

One of Kaskade’s songs he played is here his last song is here here and his opening one was here. And if you follow some of the other links from there on youtube. You can see Armin, and Kevin Focus and Bingo Players amongst the others that were there. It was awesome. 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Adventure Continues…Saturday. One smile and Sermon later…

    • Yeah. We figured out he was probably feeling guilty…then went trying to make me feel guilty…then decided to go after the world…and then realized what a debbie-downer he was being so then decided to turn it into a chapter out of chicken soup for the soul. LOL. MeH…it made for an interesting thing that’s for sure.

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