What an Adventure. Friday,the day before it all began. Chapters 1-1,000,000.

Ok so you guys may remember how I was saying I was going to that Isla Del Sol Fest in South Padre this weekend with my friend Logan(names may have been changed to protect the wrongfully innocent). Well…it was an interesting experience since I’ve never been to an EDM music festival/concert/show thing ever. And the fun times started before I left…


Eesh. What a weekend. It was a ton of fun all in all…let me just say. But it was definitely a ride. *shrug* And I do love a good ride.

But enough about Amusement Parks.  Friday went as follows…

Worked from 5-10am. Which was exciting, but couldn’t be over fast enough. It was kinda a bummer too cause the lady who had been in charge of our store our store manager’s absence was working her last shift at that store. And while she was rough around the edges at times, she was still funny and she meant well. But in my rush to get the day’s activities started I ran out of there thinking I’d stop by on my way back to say goodbye. I was of course running late so I didn’t. And I feel bad about that.

Went to eat lunch with Kodiak at one of my new favorite places, Cheddars. Went to run a few errands with him then went to the mall to do some shopping for the weekend. Here’s where the fun begins. He had to be back at his job at 8 which meant he’d had to leave by 6. It’s now 540 and we get back to my car to discover that…my car is dead. Not just like, won’t start. But deader then dead. Won’t make a noise.

It probably wouldn’t have been so much a problem. But poor Kodiak had parked his car at a shopping center about two or miles or so away. We were going to have to walk across the mall and its parking lot, around a Six Flags theme park and cross a highway. Easy. So we start to walking and talking. Meanwhile I called Ka’je to the rescue to come and help me get a jump. Thank you Ka’je.

I get Kodiak to his car by 615 or so and he, being a sweetheart, drives me back to my car before heading out to work. I get back to my car, and see Ka’je, who tells me the great news. His car barely arrived as it almost turned into a burning flame ball of death. Ok so it was overheating. He’d have to put coolant into it, but will have to wait at least an hour or more before it will be ready and the engine ready for his hands, typical woman.

We get his car taken care of, then go to get the car jumped so we can go on with our lives. We roll the cars around and get them connected to each other. And nothing. It clicks, but doesn’t turn. Long story short, I find out that my battery is deader the dead after all.


We get the car towed so it can be worked on, meet up with Logan at around 945 or 10. Enough time to get home and rest up since our weekend adventure is about to begin. Poor Logan had already driven that day to pick up his other friend Bolt who lived in a town a good hour and half away.

What lessons did we learn from this day. Apparently, if you want the check engine light to go away. You let the battery die so dead that the clock on your radio gets reset. True story. The light that they would never turn off after the oil changes, it’s off now. So that’s good. Also. We learned that Luciano’s across from Kona Grill at the Mall makes some food that Ka’je really liked, I can’t remember what it’s called now but it was basically a really large HotPocket sort of thing. Tow-Truck drivers aren’t always cute, which that was sad. In other news Joan Rivers has a new book that is VERY funny, so looking forward to reading that. Oh and of course, that long side walk that connects the mall to the shopping center across from the theme park, yeah, finally figured out who would walk that who thing. :-p Oh Friday’s…you are so much fun sometimes.



2 thoughts on “What an Adventure. Friday,the day before it all began. Chapters 1-1,000,000.

  1. No way! Must have been car battery death week. Turned out the car, is an ’07….still had the original battery in it from when it was made. HA. Guess…umm…it was a miracle apparently that it had last that long period. lol

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