Just so you know…DON’T.


There’s one thing that pisses me off…well…there’s a few things that piss me off. But this is one of them. I can pretty much count you out of future text conversations if you start doing one word…or this…the one letter response. Ugh. It’s stupid. haha


5 thoughts on “Just so you know…DON’T.

    • haha. I find…some of the younger generation…don’t know how to hold a conversation. I even have a hard times sometimes on the phone. I can do it in person. And depending on the person, on the phone. But some people…I feel like I just start rambling about things without actually saying anything of substance because I feel like if I don’t say anything then there will be this awkward silence and then they won’t pick up the phone the next time I call cause all they’ll be thinking about is that the last time was such a waste of time cause nothing was really said. …..I think I just did it again. lol

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