This is what happens when there’s a full moon…

…and you listen to strange new music after watching something that triggers your imagination. At least that’s what I’m gonna say it came from. Just bare with me, cause I have no idea what’s going to happen…

Kaeyd let the wash of the Flow pass over and around him with eyes closed, feeling the air tingle with the energy as it expanded and dissipated out past him. Childish. He could feel the potential in the burst from the Adepted, but it was untrained, unpracticed. It was raw, and lacked any REAL control. Still, he kept his face impassive even though he wanted to smile.  He wasn’t here to recruit. Just to temper the situation with a little, well, severity.
He switched the position of his feet and gathered his strength and tightened his connection. The  Adepted’s eyes widened as he realized his Burst had failed to send Kaeyd flying back or even stagger him. The same couldn’t be said for the stalls of food and such that surrounded them in the market square of the village. Cabbages, chickens both dead and live as well as few stray villagers and their animals went flying back those that hadn’t stayed there ground.
Right foot forward and sweep around, back and foward with the left.
The Adepted shouted as both his feet were knocked out from under him as if he’d been struck with an invisible pole.  Kaeyd allowed himself to close his eyes and one of the corners of his mouth lifted slightly as he followed through the motion. His hands rotating in smooth circles one orbiting the other in a fluid motion he kept the Adepted tumbling in the air for several rotations, almost as if he was cartwheeling in the air, before he stopped and shifted a palm outward in a sharp thrust. The motion carried through with sudden jerk, and the Adepted flew back into a covered wagon that an older gentlemen had been selling some sort of vegetable from. Somewhat of a soft landing.
Kaeyd stood and opened his eyes and planted his feet firmly as another Burst washed over him. This one stronger then the last, more desperate as he felt himself shift back into the mudded ground. He learned quickly.
“Witches!” WITCHES AND THEIR BLACK MAGIC”  someone shouted as the crowd in the market place scattered.
Kaeyd rolled his eyes. There was no such thing. He had to remember that people of this particular age were subject to labeling things they didn’t understand as works of the devil. If only they knew the half of what the future would hold for humanity. THAT, was devil work indeed. But he wasn’t here to debate or consider the twisted state of affairs that WERE to be. He was only concerned with the here and now.
The Adepted lept out of the wagon, aided with novice like effort from his connection. He swung a sharp splinter of wood that sliced the air in front of Kaeyd’s face. But he’d backstepped, allowing the young man’s brash movement to carry him forward in another spin. A second piece of wood flew at him, this time carried by the young Adepted connection, a Grapple that was surprising strong considering the skills he’d seen coming from him moments ago.
Side step to avoid Grappled spike, left hand out and clenched. Spike shatters into smaller splinters and dust as it flies past him.  Right hand  slamming down earthward, palm down and bringing the young man’s head down and forward. Sweep around with left hand, palm thrust again and Adepted is sent sprawling backwards and into the mud. Face down. Score one humiliation point.
“You know why I am here. This is not your time, nor your place, nor your people.” Kaeyd says. It won’t matter. This sort of thing has happened countless times. They always fight it. And the Grapple. So that was this Adepted’s focus in the Flow. He could use his Connection to grab things and move them, with surprising focus and strength. He would have driven it straight through Kaeyd’s head and out the other side as if he’d shot it through a single sheet of fabric. Easy. Had Kaeyd not been Kaeyd. If he wasn’t part of the Fold.
The young man let a frustrated cry as he clambered up from where he was in the grimey mud. Desperation. This could tricky.
Sidestep slung volley of grappled mud. Followed in quick succession by one, two, four, three more gobs. All dodged, deflected and the final redirected back with enough strength to knock the air out of the Adepted and onto his back.
Kaeyd shook his head sligthly. Another runaway Adepted back to the Fold. With a slight sigh and walked to the young man who was only just regaining the air in his lungs and was gasping like a fish out of water. He placed a hand over the Adepted’s forehead and closed his eyes. Adjusting the Flow of Space, folding it in over itself and bringing both them back to where they belonged. Which was very much later in the Timeline then where they were.

‘They never learn…’




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