Hey now…this feels good…

…but get your mind out of the gutter cause I wasn’t talking about anything of crazy interest.

No for real. I’ve just been really busy with works. Both of them. Opened up a new branch/division/thing of my second job at a local mall which was fun. Only…apparently they didn’t tell my boss from the original store that I was being transfered over there temporarily…and so now he’s asking me for my schedule to put me on now that all the holiday crazy is gonna start. And so now….I don’t know what to do. Whatever, I guess it’ll all get worked out. But two weeks of 60 hours or so of work and I have no idea how some people do that much work every week of their lives.  It gets really crazy. But lets stick to the shambles of life yes?

For example tonight at work, and this may sound ridiculous(what else is new)…so the milk man who delivers our usual night order for the next day….he was a different guy then we usually see. Which of course as you can imagine you always hope for that one amazing sexy delivery guy. But no. Not this time. No….we get a creeper. -.-….EGADS….but it wasn’t the creeper mustache…no. Nor the oddly thinning hair…nope…nor the sunken eyes…nope. It was the smell. And before you start puking and gagging(that word has so many g’s)…it wasn’t a bad smell. But it was a soapy…clean smell. Which..you would THINK was a good thing right? Um. No. Not this time. I don’t know which brand of generic soap he uses…but it was so soapy that it LACKED a scent. Maybe that was it. It made my spidey sense tingle. I know I’m nit-picking here…but it’s true. He gave me bad juujuu. Plus…with stick legs and arms…it’s amazing he can handle the large deliveries we have. ………
 Not but seriously….it was just weird. I know it doesn’t mean anything more then a hill of beans…which I’ve never understood that saying. But it was just weird how there are some smells on people that just…no…just don’t do it. Get some freakin lavender…maybe it was lavender that I was smelling. I dunno. Whatever it was…it was no bueno. And I hope I never see him again. and if I do…I hope I have some bad allergies that night or something so that I don’t have to get creeped out. I’m sure he was a nice guy at some point in his life….and maybe he is even decent now. He’s got a tough job. But i just don’t think he’s going to make then cut. Now…can we hire this guy instead?

But you know I’m sure deep down we’re all creepers in our own way. What kind of creepy things have you done?


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