Once upon a time…in a retail store not far from here…

So I recently started working at another store but for the same company of my other job(popular retail for electronic entertainment of the gaming variety). So far of the crew that was pulled together from other stores I’ve loved every single one of the people I work with. They’re an amazing set of individuals of all walks of life and personality. However, just as with every part of life there’s always gonna be someone who just makes you shake your head.

Now before you think I’m just hating on this one guy for some dumb reason or another. That would be a no. I’m just taking this moment to write about something that annoys me that lots of people do, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. 

What I mean here is that…when you are getting to know someone(I’ve never worked with this guy before), you don’t shoot down/dismiss their likes and dislikes because you have a difference of opinion.You also don’t try and make yourself sound like the shiznit because you have tastes of the majority of people. That doesn’t make you cooler. That doesn’t make you lame. You just like what most 5-12 year old boys and thus have the attention span of one. I get it.  I’m sure he’s a great guy, I still enjoyed working with him cause he does make you laugh with his antics. However, when discussing movies or games, watch out. If you don’t like what he likes…be prepared for a few “really? that’s stupid.’s”  “or whaaat? How can you not like that…everyone likes that.” FALSE. I did not. I do not. But that’s just my opinion.I’m not trying to preach the Holy Word of Aaron and force you to feel how I do. Yes. My tastes are different then yours. And?

The same can be said with other subjects in life…for boys and girls…in all areas of life, work, school, shopping, friends, family. If you don’t like it. It’s your right not to like it. If you think it’s the Bee’s knees(whatever the hell that means) then GO YOU! I’m with you all the way. It’s when when you criticize or constantly like to place their opinion as the golden standard that we should all strive to be as amazing as all get-out that I kinda tend to go…

I’m sorry. Maybe. I’m just being a bitch. Cause you know how often that happens. Hahahhabahahahahahha…no but seriously. I love when others offer their opinions. Cause to me it makes the world go around. I’m glad we don’t all love the color orange(I imagine an entire city looking like the inside of a Orange Cup yogurt place). I’m glad we all don’t like the same movie. Or all play call of duty and grand theft auto. I’m sure there are going to be some of you out there who disagree and think the world would be so much greater if we all played Black Ops. But I’m sorry. I’ve seen alot of games in my time. And eventually…people will get tired of the copy and paste of the Call of Duty series. Eventually. It’s a good game. With good graphics and some story mixed in. But. It’s just ONE type of game. And there are many many many out there that are never truly looked at cause they don’t follow the same basic standard recipe. I’m not saying those kind of shooter games are fun. I’m saying they aren’t for me. I’m not going to try and convince you to feel how I feel. I’m just stating it.

And that’s my point. People who try and tell you the way you feel is wrong just because they feel differently are annoying. I love them. But they need to just calm down with their fancy selves. I’m sure you meant well my friend, but I’m in no way gonna suddenly change my tastes, because what I like you find beneath your liking.  Also…don’t ask me if my other job really does suck as much as you’ve heard, cause I love it…and don’t bash our products cause you are good with Folgers. -.- The best part of having your own opinion…is that if you are too much of a wimp to handle the real deal…then you can stick with substandard caffeinated swamp water. 😀 Cause…


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