Much to do with nothing…wait…

Ok. Be warned. I’m going to try and be as nice as possible with the stories I’m about to tell…
Ok maybe not….

No but seriously. Things at work have gone all sorts of everywhere since my last post…which apparently has been about…200 something days ago. I know…there’s pretty much no real excuse. It’s not really that work has been terribly busy. It’s just that my life has stopped being so crazy…and then there were moments when I’m like…”Oh that would make a good post.”…but by the time I get home I completely forget about it or I get distracted by something shiney…or glowy…or yummy…or pretty much anything.

But I digress. Imagine that.

Anyway. So because we recently had a mass exodus from our particular store…we pretty much had to hire people in mass. Which you know…is always the best idea to do since it promises to bring the best results. if.

Yeah this is probably true and all….but it doesn’t help that some( ONE ) of the new people (ONE PERSON)…has got more attitude and drama then Tyra Banks…bless her heart. And has or did…claim that I was ALREADY his boyfriend to his fellow new hires. Ummmmm…..excuse me?

Yeah….ummmm….no. Normally one would have to actually know more then your name I would guess to be in that sort of relationship status. And since we’ve never spent more then a typical customer/barista length amount of time together any one given day out of maybe…a 4 month period. I would venture to say…I…DON’T….KNOW….YOU. The end

So aside from these lies…there have been about 42,234,364,453.3 other lies we’re noticing that he’s told in order to make himself seem like an awesome/human/legit/ person thing. But no…now that we are catching on to these plethoric amount of lies you be telling. I’m going to venture to say that anything that comes out of your mouth…will probably be false. Yeah. Sorry.

ok….sorry I’m not sorry.

There’s been more drama this particular person has created, but since I’m SUCH a good person as good as the idea was to vent all my frustrations out on you people of the world, I think it feels rather petty now that I’m actually putting effort into typing it. You know? Which then leads me to question, if there is someone you work with…that is creating ALLLLL the drama…and you KNOW…has been lying about things in general conversation (not to mention has been doing all he can to win his way into your pants…which aint no way in the seven levels of hell that’s gonna happen)…what do you do about it? Do you call him out the next time he comes up with some incredulous story?
this is bull

or do you just ignore the cries for attention and hope that maybe he’ll get the message and learn to just…be himself without the lies and deceit and crap?


What do you think?


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