Much to do with nothing…wait…

Ok. Be warned. I’m going to try and be as nice as possible with the stories I’m about to tell…
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No by all means…

That moment when someone pulls up to the window, or walks up to the register…and they’re on their phone…

and when you try and speak to them they give you that look…

and you’re just like…

Yeah….don’t do that. We give Decaf to people for less…^.^



Listen…I just wanted to see if this had happened to anyone else. At least in the food service/service industry, have you ever started a chat with newly arrived customer couple, and sure they may be cute and you’re like awwwwww…but you are uninterested in either party. And that’s when it happens. Mr.Boyfriend has to assume that I want all up in his cheerios and so he makes sure I know his girl is his. A.K.A…grabs her hand, leg, arm around the shoulder…places a kiss on her cheek, squeezes her hand.


I mean seriously? It’s my job “Dude.”…I am SUPPOSED to try and make some conversation. You don’t have to be gettin all up in her business just cause I was asking “what are YOU GUYS up to today?”

Besides honey, she has more to worry about the you do….stud. 😉

Just one of those things…

So, me and one of the partners, we shall call her Nashaw. Were talking about how many times a day people call a Frappuccino a Frappe.  Now…thank you to a certain company…who shall remain mostly nameless. I can understand to a certain extent the confusion. I mean, obviously…they are so similar. -.-


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Conversations with Partners

So, me and and two other partners were sitting at a local pizza place on their lunch and we started talking about the dating process and how different it can be for people. How they “pre-game/plan” out a date. Especially when it’s the first date. How much effort do you put into your evening with a special someone?  Continue reading

Recently…on Conversations with Partners.

So this one Partner(starbucks coworker)…we shall call him Ka’je…said that in Movies 101…the Hero never dies. I said that’s not true…there are several movies I knew of where the hero dies. And then proceeded not to be able to remember a single thing. Of course. So I said I’d look it up. And I found more then I thought…several of them I haven’t seen. And if you haven’t seen movies…there are going to be spoilers. So….sorry in advance for ruining your life.

-Children of Men



-Old Yeller

-Pan’s Labyrinth



-Pay it Forward

-almost any Chinese martial arts film….they ALWAYS wind up dying. lol

That being said…I rest my case.