QUICK! Get the IV…as in…I.V…not 4.

So Tuesday we had a girl pass out in Drive-Thru. Well…we thought she passed out. Turned out she’d just worked a long night shift at her job and while waiting in line for her drink, she fell asleep. 5 years and finally someone fell asleep before we could get them their coffee. But at least she was just sleeping…and you know…not…dead. ha.

But then…you know…when the AC is going…and the sun is warming you…and you’re kinda sleepy…who hasn’t fallen asleep in their car. While it’s stationary I mean…cause if that’s happened to you while you were moving, you are reading this from the netherworld. Just sayin.

B*tches gonna b*tch. A Customer Voice Tale.

Mmmmmkay. So my crazy weekend is about to start and I would just like to get a few things off my chest from the last few days…

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The thought HAS occurred to me…


It’s been my philosophy with a lot of things at work over the past 5 years. 5 YEARS! Who would have guessed. But it’s true. I can’t tell you how many times out of the billions of situations where we get yelled at or talked down to, where we did the best thing you can do in that situation… Continue reading

:-: Customer Voice :-: Another case of TMI…

“Welcome to Starbucks…etc etc…”

Older looking lady with huge shades “Mmmm…yeah I want a half calf caramel Frappe….I think…”

“Ok, What size?”

“I’m not sure…I just got out of ‘Heart’ Surgery, so I’m having a hard time figuring out what I want…”

Me and my coworker are now horrified because…she is like 900 years old now and fresh from surgery? ….and she’s getting coffee? what the french toast man!

She pulls around, and comes to the window…I give her drink…and I can’t help myself….

“So you just got out of  heart surgery you said?”

She turns to me in wonder, “I did! How did you know I didn’t say anything about surgery.”

“Ummmm..yeah back at the box you said you’d just got out of…”

She’s looking at me like I read her mind. NO lady…I ain’t no Miss Cleo today.

“Oh oh, yes…I just got out of EYE surgery. My eye hemorrhaged while I was in the hospital recovering from a Flesh Eating Bacteria that nearly killed me.” she smiles a little…

I’m sure I looked something like this on the outside….

But really on the inside I was more thinking….

Yeahhhh….sometimes. People can offer too much information. LADY GO HOME ALREADY! You almost died! And there’s no need to endanger the lives of our humble townsfolk by you turning into a zombie and crashing and spreading your crazy. ….just saying.

Opposed to change?

Ok. So as though of you who actually go to my store know, we had a remodel here about a few months ago now back in June. It wasn’t a very big remodel just some cosmetic changes to wall color and furniture. However, in the change, they did switch up our seating arrangement so that at one window wall area we now have a bar where there used to be two chairs. In hindsight I’ll take a picture of the area and update this post with it so you’ll have an idea of what I’m talking about. Anyway. In this particular corner where the bar is there used to be two larger comfy chairs. Now I’m sure you know this already, but regulars at any place of business are usually creatures of habit(obviously), and they sometimes don’t take change well. ….and by well I mean at all.  Continue reading

Oh people…

Let me tell you one thing I love more then anything…when you come up to Drive-Thru on your phone and you tell me to wait so you can finish the conversation you were having while on the phone.

No for real. Thank you. I mean. Obviously I didn’t want to talk to you anyway…so this just made it easier. Don’t mind the other people who are behind you in life either…it’s all gravy. And when you finally give me your order, and you pull away with an “ANYway..blah blah blah” that’s cool too. I don’t mind.

Then up to the window you go, don’t be bother to actually have your payment ready either. I mean, obviously you’ll get to your purse in the backseat AFTER you realize that oh yeah I was talking to you. It’s cool. I don’t mind that either. Or the scowl when I may or may not be talking seven decibels louder then needed to tell your change and ask you for napkins. Naw…that surely was an accident. Seriously. I can almost definitely promise that I may or may not have been trying to be slightly more obnoxious then usual to get your attention that you were very much NOT giving to me. After all. I am supplying you with your drink that you just needed so badly, I know that cause that’s what you told the other person on the otherline. Have a GREAT day. 😀

ok…maybe a little. 🙂

:-: Customer Voice :-:

No seriously…it’s about..8am….at a coffee shop. What’s probably the ONE thing you should expect out of ANY place that serves coffee/breakfast…AT breakfast time? Hmmm? Anyone? Anyone at all? Yes…you you in the back.

“You guys are busy.”

  I’m sorry…what?

We’re busy? in the morning? You don’t say. Now to be fair…sure…sometimes…we are BUSIER then usual. Sure. I’ll give you that one. Sometimes the lines of cars in drive-thru go around the building…sure…especially soon once school starts up again. But…ummm…to just say….”Wow, you are guys are busy in the morning.” Then yes….Yes indeed we are my humble citizen.

And I’ve now got a line to the door while you figured out you were going to pay, and decided today was gonna be a good day to pay…in change….

:-: Customer Voice :-:

Another beautiful sunrise and early morning in the coffee shop. Things are going just swimmingly as the old man approaches the counter, you know…one of the starving mass of coffee zombie old peeps I serve in the morning that blend into the masses and disappear never to be seen till their energies run low…again. ANYWAY….so there he is…ordering his latte…and he says the word “pumps.”

Now….I don’t know if you say Pumps like…pumpssssssssssssssss. But he did. And the sun light was coming in at just the right angle…
….at least that was my reaction in my head.  SPITTLE! EVERYWHERE…..BGDLKFJS:ODIFHLSKDHFQLIU@GRASDFH.,….

Can you not keep your spit in your mouth when you speak. I mean…I’m sure my reaction wasn’t as bad as the one above…:)…it was probably more like…

However, it was very terrifying on the inside. Mostly cause then I started to realize that, the only reason I noticed this particular particle wave was because the sunlight was glinting off the THOUSANDS of little spittle mist things that were floating around. Which then made me think about the HUNDREDS of people we serve every day and how many times in fact those little clouds ACTUALLY float across and land….everywhere.
 Yeahhh…you tell em gurl. :-p

You know that moment…

It was tough to put this in a category cause for some reason I get the feeling that this doesn’t happen often to most people…but you know when you’re out at a very public place(usually a mall, or theater) with friends(or solo) and you run across a customer from work. You see each other, you nod, then you go into social mode the same time as they do. You know? The whole…

“Heeeeeeeey! What are YOU doing here? Shouldn’t you be working?”


You’re right. I should STILL be at work. I mean obviously, my life is nothing if I wasn’t sitting at work waiting for you to drive up so I could serve you and then send you on your way…sitting there and waiting until you bless me with your presence again.

“Oh you know, I do get out once and again. Just for funzez…you know…to mingle with the rest of you humans.”

And then so it doesn’t turn awkward…you go into the next socially accepted phase of the conversation.

“So how’ve you been?”

Here is where you either win or lose at conversation roulette. They will either give you some vague standard answer and move on with their lives very quickly….OR….they will go into a breakdown of their life.  The fun part comes when you start hearing things about their lives that will change your view of them forever…

“You did WHAT in South Padre??!?”