Once upon a time…in a retail store not far from here…

So I recently started working at another store but for the same company of my other job(popular retail for electronic entertainment of the gaming variety). So far of the crew that was pulled together from other stores I’ve loved every single one of the people I work with. They’re an amazing set of individuals of all walks of life and personality. However, just as with every part of life there’s always gonna be someone who just makes you shake your head.

Now before you think I’m just hating on this one guy for some dumb reason or another. That would be a no. I’m just taking this moment to write about something that annoys me that lots of people do, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.¬† Continue reading


Today was an off day…

Well, another day bites the dust and I was off work so there was no adventures really to be had(aside from some gaming problems that made my eye twitch). ¬†Tomorrow shall be an interesting day though. I work with an interesting crew, and I get off work at 11am which will be…well…interesting. AND…since it’s Monday…there will be plenty of crazy to go around I’m sure. That’s when we get our big order in for the week and since it’s Admin day for the people whom it may concern, it’s usually a toss of Two-Face’s coin to see how the day will turn out for us.

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