No but for real..

OK. I have to make some serious apologies to my peeps out there who were waiting and waiting for me to get back to the virtual world from the Real one. Let me tell you, these last few weeks have been a mess. Like, no joke. Things have been crap. I’ve met a few new peeps, and then within a week of each…lost them all again. It was kinda funny actually now looking back at it. But you know I feel like just blogging about it doesn’t really mean I’ve moved on past it. These are all parts of the adventures of life and it’s these things that make life interesting. While I wish they hadn’t turned out how they had. They offered valuable outlooks and opinions and feelings and things that I learned about people. In a twisted sort of way I brought to separate couple’s back together. Granted…I was a bit of a rebound/distraction for one or…in one particular case, BOTH members of the couple in question. I learned that sometimes special connections between people are made, and whether they are wrong for each other or not, nothing can break that connection if both kinda want back. It’s a twisted fact, but it’s true. Oh well whatever…it’s helped me one step further in moving away from certain parts of my life and what I think/thought I wanted in life. And maybe it’s for the better that way. I guess only time will tell. 🙂 Don’t worry guys…I’m back. 🙂