Of course that makes sense…


It’s true about a lot of things I think. There are plenty of things I can think of that I would never put in my mouth…but I have a feeling that if I keep up that line of conversation it’s gonna go to a place that several of you will probably not want me to go down(dang it)…and those of you who do then…well…it’s too late and your already there.


Oh by the way..

Yesterday me and one of my coworkers from my other job at a popular VideoGame monger establishment attended a Wii-U Experience in Austin where we got to play some of the launching titles for Nintendo’s new Next-Gen system, the aforementioned, Wii-U.

The games look amazing, the new Controller Pad is Freakin AWESOMMMME, and the music at the event was the bomb(leave it to me to enjoy the music as much as the games).

Oh and we had fun taking pictures too. :-p

So yesterday…for those of you who didn’t know…

Yesterday while hanging out with some friends, I made the mistake of letting one of them use my computer to catch up on the questions he’d asked on the blog as well as do some .gif searching since, as you know, I have a thing for them. Anyway…as I was in deep conversation with the others at the table, I didn’t notice right away that he started typing something furiously. And once I did…it was almost too late….”DUDE!”

ย He smiled…

Crapnuggets. I forgot that since no one ever uses my computer my Facebook will automatically log me in, and he totally had his way with my status’. Dirty lil sharpie sniffer. *sigh* Needless to say…the next few minutes I get swarms of messages and notifications asking if it’s true if I’ve now gone 100% straight and like boobies among otherย anatomical members of the female body.

Oh well. Sorry girls. The time is not yet. And I’m pretty sure that if I HAD indeed slept with a woman, you would be able to find that article on the front of the S.A Express…or maybe National Enquirer.