Listen…I just wanted to see if this had happened to anyone else. At least in the food service/service industry, have you ever started a chat with newly arrived customer couple, and sure they may be cute and you’re like awwwwww…but you are uninterested in either party. And that’s when it happens. Mr.Boyfriend has to assume that I want all up in his cheerios and so he makes sure I know his girl is his. A.K.A…grabs her hand, leg, arm around the shoulder…places a kiss on her cheek, squeezes her hand.


I mean seriously? It’s my job “Dude.”…I am SUPPOSED to try and make some conversation. You don’t have to be gettin all up in her business just cause I was asking “what are YOU GUYS up to today?”

Besides honey, she has more to worry about the you do….stud. 😉