No seriously, I’m not dead..

So I’ts been a really long time. I know. Like a REALLY long time since I’ve been on here writing anything. And for the last couple of months I’ve been trying to make the time to come back and pick this back up again. But of course…one thing or another has distracted me. ┬áImagine that…but on the for real. Now that I’ve made this post. Surely that means I’ll be back to make more snide remarks soon? Yeah…yeah there’s plenty I could talk about now that I think about it. Your only problem will be the fact that I’m now too tired to go into extreme detail. So I’ll tease you a bit (you know you like it). Coming up in the queue…A New Drama “queen” has arisen at my sweet lil cafe…also…a new thing about working as a waiter as I’ve started doing that as well…not too mention “things your mother says” which of course will be great. And I think the usual hawt sexualness I post as well. ­čÖé See you soon kittens.