Nothing says Romance like…

So I started writing something out the other day…like two nights ago, but wound up loosing the battle to sleep deprivation at my own hand and thus lost all the efforts I had put into the post. And it was lost forever. Oh well, It’s not like it was literary genius or whatever, cause hell knows I haven’t come up with anything like that.

Anyway, here I am fresh from work and was feeling sassy as pants could get until I sat down to write, which I started doing on my bed and that’s where I realized I went wrong. Writing on your bed, while at times I’m sure can work for some people doesn’t work on those of us who have been up since 4am this morning. I know this is about the time where you are starting to wonder where I am going with any of this random rambling I am doing and there is a point to it, I swear.
^^(how I imagine you look now)^^

So as a quick update I haven’t worked for longer then half hour periods with “he-who-shall-not-be-named” (hwsnbn)….which has been both fantastic and unproductive. Since now I’m not there to defend myself against things nor am I there to do the call-outs like I wanted to do. Which is kinda sad cause I was really looking forward to the bitch fight that would come of it. Ok, maybe not exactly cause I hate conflict for the most part. It just so happens that this one is just getting to the funny part now and I can’t help but be an evil bastard about it. 0:-D tee hee.

Hence, this weekend I came in just briefly to check my schedule for the week and was of course, oblivious to the sudden increase in heart rate that it produced in a certain someone, Mostly cause yes….I don’t care. Does that make me an evil person? That I don’t care that someone has such an immeasurable crush that it sends them into panic attacks in the back room where they need to call out for water from one of the girls in front? Am I a cold hearted bastard for not giving attention where it’s being begged for at every turn and where at those turn they try and butt into every single conversation? Maybe yes. I think so. But at the same time, if this were me and I was in the reverse situation…I know I wouldn’t be THIS dramatic about it. I mean sure, I would be disappointed. But it’s definitely not worth wallowing every 5 mins for every look or statement that goes unspoken? Maybe I am taking this too far.

But then, he did say I was a meanie. I mean…those are pretty hurtful words. I’ve been called many things in my life…but a meanie. I mean…those of you who know me, know I would NEVERRRR be a meanie. -.-. ……ok shut up. I get it.

Ok now switching gears. I don’t think I’ve mentioned this but I’ve started working as a waiter for a little bistro on the weekends. Which, as you would imagine I went in thinking to expect a plethora of new stories to provide you. Unfortunately, since I got the job a few weeks ago nothing out of the ordinary has happened. Nothing except realizing how small of a town this town I live in is. I mean…did you ever see the Proposal? I think I’m going to slowly turn into that creepy mexican guy who worked at pretty much every place in town. Yeah. I mean, it’s only two places…but so far, there’s not a place I can go to within 45 miles that I probably won’t run into someone I know at some point.

Now some would say that makes me a creeper. I say no. It makes everyone else a creeper. It’s not my fault that where I go happens to be open for the rest of the public as well you know? I really do try and keep a low profile for the most part. I just get followed.
well...ya know...

To finish off I’d like to say…nothing says romance like a bottle of Hpnotiq. Cause roses can just be confusing as hell. I mean…a dozen can be too much…and just one can be sweet, yet, it’s like…”now what?” That’s why boys giving boys flowers can be weird. Just saying. So when in doubt…get some booze…pop in a Blu-Ray or WoW….and just chill. Sounds much better. :-p There’s a story for that too….but it’ll have to wait.

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